About Trini Yoga Shala

In Trini Yoga Shala we believe that practising Yoga
is an essential part of everyday life.

In a space we created with lots of love, we teach you how to exercise
your body by using breathing techniques (pranayama) and posture sequences (asana),
and your mind by practising focus and meditation.

By cultivating the flow of energy (prana)
we experience the transformational qualities of Yoga.

Through our practice we learn how to observe, to discover and to evolve,
inside and outside the studio.

Nelly, Margarita and Valia have been friends, yoga partners and co-instructors since 2015, when they started practising vinyasa together. During the last three years they have been organising yoga workshops and retreats together. In 2018 they created a warm space in the centre of Athens where they share their common love for Yoga, their devotion to teaching Yoga and making it accessible to everyone.


Valia is a graduate of the Department of Foreign Languages, Translation and Interpreting of the Ionian University. She decided to become a yoga instructor in 2014, after 3 years of continuous practice.

In 2014, she completed her Teacher Training in Atmanasana Yoga Studio with Eirini Ziakou (RYS 200h Yoga Alliance), in Athens, and since then she has attended educational seminars with Shiva Rea (Delphi, 60h), Swami Vidyanand (Delhi, India, 100h), Ramesh Shetty (Athens, 40h).

She has attended numerous workshops with international teachers in different styles of Yoga (Sharon Gannon, Petros Haffenrichter, Cetin Cetintas, Coral Brown, Yiannis Andritsos, Amitai Cohen etc) and added AcroYoga and Tai Massage to her practice.

She chose the path of Vinyasa Yoga and completed her 300 hour training with Panos Katsandris (Vinyasa Krama, 300h).

She has been teaching Vinyasa Yoga since 2014 and her goal is to keep being a student for the rest of her life…NAMASTE

Nelly is a camerawoman, who devoted herself to Yoga in 2012.

She completed her 200h Teacher Training (YAI) in 2012 and her Master Yoga Teacher Training (500h, YAI) with Marita Mittag in 2016, and travelled to India to complete a 100h Meditation Training with Swami Vidyanand (SriMa Transformational School of Yoga, Delhi).

She is also a certified Antigravity Aerial Yoga Teacher (Best Triga) and a Kids Yoga and Aerial Kids Yoga Teacher (Flower Kids Yoga, Christina Matsi).
She has attended seminars with International Yoga Teachers (Cetin Cetintas, Yiannis Andritsos, Sharon Gannon etc), as well as aerial arts seminars.

She continues practising Vinyasa Krama, and wishes to keep teaching and learning Yoga, sharing her experience and her love with her students!

Margarita is a graduate of the Department of Electronics of the T.E.I. of Lamia
and she chose to start teaching Yoga in 2012.

She completed a 200h Teacher Training with Marita Mittag in 2012 (YAI, AF Studies) and a Master Yoga 500h TTC with Marita in 2016, as well as a 100h Meditation Training with Swami Vidyanand (Delhi, India).

She is also a certified Antigravity Aerial Yoga Teacher (2014, A2Z) and a  Kids Yoga Teacher (2014, Christina Matsi).

She has attended various international Yoga workshops (Anna Forrest, Sharon Gannon, Petros Haffenrichter, Coral Brown, Dr Das, Yiannis Andritsos, Ionas Vellas etc).

But practising Vinyasa never ends! She completed a 300 hour training with Panos Katsandris (300h, Vinyasa Krama) in 2020.

Her goal is to be the best version of herself and to offer the best to her students. This is why she became a Yoga instructor. She wishes to share her experience with passion and enthusiasm and to help her students feel the extraordinary qualities of Yoga!